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Possible Lawsuit: Foreclosure Deficiency Judgement Lawsuit

Home Page Potential Lawsuit Lawsuits against Deficiency Judgements after ForeclosureAnti-deficiency laws exist in some states to prevent lenders from going after borrowers for money owed after a home is foreclosed on. These anti-deficiency statutes, however, have not stopped all lenders from attempting to collect on money they feel they

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Law Suit Filed: Wells Fargo Faces Mortgage Lending Violations Class Action Lawsuit

April 14 2014Los Angeles, CA: Wells Fargo Bank NA is facing a potential consumer banking and lending violations class action lawsuit alleging it violated California consumer laws by billing late fees to, or foreclosing on, state homeowners who had loan modification applications pending with the bank. The lawsuit, Garcia

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Law Suit Filed: Marathon Oil Faces Class Action over Detroit Refinery Explosion

May 6 2013
Detroit, MI: An environmental class action lawsuit alleging property damage has been filed against the Marathon Oil following an explosion and fire at the refinery in Melvindale on April 27.Two law firms, Hertz Schram and Macuga, Liddle & Dubin, have filed the class action lawsuit which

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Law Suit Filed: ExxonMobil Faces Class Action Lawsuit over Arkansas Pegasus Pipeline Tar Sands Spill

April 9 2013
Houston, TX: ExxonMobil is facing an environmental class action lawsuit over damage caused by the March 29 Pegusus Pipeline rupture and oil spill in Arkansas. The massive leak spewed at least 19,000 barrels of heavy Canadian crude oil into the streets, gardens and homes in the

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Settlement: Citigroup to Pay $730M in Subprime Mortgage Securities Class Action

March 19 2013
New York, NY: Citigroup has agreed to pay $730 million to settle a securities class-action lawsuit filed by investors four years ago. The settlement is reportedly the second largest resulting from litigation over subprime mortgage-backed securities in 2006-2008.The class action, filed by the Arkansas Teacher Retirement

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Law Suit Filed: Festiva Timeshare Owners File Class Action Lawsuit

March 13 2013
Orlando, Fl: A deceptive practices class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of timeshare owners at Festiva’s Orlando Resort, formerly known as Celebration World Resort, alleging that the resort’s developers and managers have engaged in unfair and deceptive practices in the sale of timeshare upgrades

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Settlement: Chevron to Pay $40M in Asbestos Class Action Lawsuit

February 18 2013
Denver, CO: A$40 million settlement has been reached in an environmental class action brought by northern Colorado landowners against Chevron Corp. The lawsuit alleged asbestos contamination to the land.The settlement, reached late in January, will see Chevron pay $32.5 million in cash to the landowners in

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Settlement: Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Agree $557M Settlement in Consumer Banking Abuses

January 16 2013
Washington, DC: The Federal Reserve has reached a settlement with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs over alleged loan servicing and foreclosure abuses. Under the terms of the settlement, reported by, Morgan Stanley will provide $97 million in direct cash payments to borrowers and $130 million

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Possible Lawsuit: Parent Inadequately Informed of Risks of Oxygen Study in Preemies

May 1 2013Washington, DC: A study on effects of oxygen in premature babies done several years ago did not properly inform parents of the risks involved, according to federal health officials. The risks involved a type of blindness or death.The study stated its goal to be the determination of

Possible Lawsuit: Stryker Triathlon Knee Implant Personal Injury and Defective Products Lawsuits

Stryker, maker of the ShapeMatch Cutting Guide faces a defective product lawsuit regarding its ShapeMatch device. The Stryker ShapeMatch is used as part of the Stryker Custom Fit knee implant to assist with knee replacement surgery, but has reportedly caused injury to the patient, according to a defective product

Luxembourg court accepts ESFG, Rio Forte creditor protection claims

Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:11am EDT

BRUSSELS, July 29 (Reuters) – A Luxembourg court on Tuesday
accepted requests for creditor protection filed earlier by
Espirito Santo Financial Group (EFSG) and Rio Forte Investments,
holding companies of Portugal’s troubled Espirito Santo family.
The commercial court said in

BES bondholders eye results for guidance on potential losses

Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:41am EDT

* Tier 2 bonds sink six points as bail-in fears surface
* Senior debt at risk if losses are greater than expectedBy Aimee DonnellanLONDON, July 29 (IFR) – European bondholders are lying in
wait for Banco Espirito Santo’s (BES) results Wednesday where an

Four Am Law 100 Firms Help Zillow Snap Up Trulia

Brian Baxter, The Am Law Daily

July 28, 2014



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