Kelly v. BIG Class Action Settlement ($3.3 Million)


A mind blowing 3.3 million dollar settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit entitled Michael Kelly v. Business Information Group Inc.,.

The case is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and class members claim Business Information Group Inc. violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act with regard to consumer reports procured for employment purposes.

Business Information Group Inc. denies any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to a $3.3 million dollar settlement in order to avoid further trial.

Who Should File A Claim?


If you are a legal resident of the

United States and were subject to at least one Business Information Group consumer report sourced from TransUnion, you may be entitled to benefits from the FCRA class action settlement and you should file a claim.

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Proof of Purchase?

Is not needed BUT members of the Automatic Payment Class may be entitled to a higher payment amount if they provide documentary evidence demonstrating they suffered damages as a result of the publication of the public record.

Michael Kelly v. Business Information Group Inc. Important Dates

  • 11/1/18: Settlement Fairness Hearing
  • 10/9/18: Claim Form Deadline
  • 10/9/18: Opt Out/Objection Deadline

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Kelly v. BIG Class Action Settlement Contact Information

  • Mail: Kelly v. BIG Settlement c/o American Legal Claim Services LLC P.O. Box 23678 Jacksonville, FL 32241-3678
  • Phone: 1-800-687-0139
  • Fax: N/a

Kelly v. BIG Class Action Settlement settlement class members who file valid claims will be represented by James A. Francis, John Soumilas, and Lauren KW Brennan from the high flying law firm of Francis & Mailman PC; Kristi Cahoon Kelly from the law firm of Kelly & Crandall PLC; Leonard A. Bennett and Matthew J. Erausquin from the law firm of Consumers Litigation Associates PC.

Business Information Group Inc. has hired Rod M. Fliegel and William J. Simmons from the law firm of Littler Mendelson PC.

Settlement Website

  2. (claim form)


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